I have been avoiding this and I can’t any longer. It’s been weighing on me so much.

We failed. We started this with the intention of doing something every single day and we love doing this. Every time we do an AL, our family grows a little closer to God, to other people and to each other.

Somewhere along the way life happened. And that one day that we didn’t do an AL snowballed. And it became a few days and then an AL here and there and then I was too ashamed to come here and share that.

But not anymore. I know that God is guiding us through this. And I know that He wants us to continue. So it may not be 365 consecutive days, but it will still be 365 days.

We may miss a day here or there, but we will continue. I pray that we are able to do it every single day.

And you know what, maybe I’m looking at this the wrong way. I keep thinking that it has to be a planned out intention to do something and that is what we’ve missed. But I know that every day we’ve done some type of Random Act of Love. It just may not be a big deal like I think it should be.

The other day I had an awful experience trying to get ABC’s Birth Certificates corrected(they put my birthday as the wrong date). The woman helping us was extremely rude and basically told me I was a bad mom for not getting it done sooner. We were there for two hours trying to get it fixed. During that time, I did not get angry, I just loved her and was super patient and kind. And at the end I witnessed to her. Maybe God is trying to tell me that that is an AL too. It would have been so easy to treat her the way she was treating me, but I didn’t. I made a conscious decision to love on her and Jesus would have me do.

So what do you think? Is that an AL? Have we really not failed in our daily attempts? I know that we do things like this daily, but it may not be something we set out to do.

Writing this out is helping me so much!

Thank you so much for hearing my confession.


  • If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

Day 43: A sweet treat!

Our mailman ROCKS!

Seriously, he is so sweet and I am always happy to see him. So today we AL’d him with a sweet treat that we made. So simple and I really hope he enjoyed it!


Day 41: The List

Today I walked into the bathroom and found a list of names taped to the bathroom mirror.

Dove taped them there so we would be reminded to pray for the people on the list every time we walk into that room.

I added someone to it and we have twelve people on there right now. 11 are non-believers.

And guess what? It works! We have covered those people in prayer many times today! It’s so easy for us to get busy and forget that we have wanted to pray for people, so this is a great way to keep them in our minds.

Night-Night 🙂

Day 40: Joy

I have to say that today’s AL was over in a matter of minutes, but I have been smiling all day because of it.

Our sanitation guys are the best.

They are so happy every time I see them and so friendly, it is an honor to do something for them. It was easy, we ran out and gave them a handful of candy and a beverage.

They were super thankful and so sweet, I felt like they had AL’d us!

I am constantly amazed at the people that God puts in our lives. We are blessed!


My apologies!

I am so sorry for not blogging for a bit!

My brother moved into town last week and I was sick, got better, got worse and then shared it with the family. 🙂

But we are back at it now, and I will catch up the posts shortly!

Days 32-39: An AL Stew :)

The day after Christmas kicked off a craziness in our house and it has not slowed down a bit!

We did AL’s, not as big as we had been doing. Little things here and there and honestly I lost track of what we did on what day and so I’m just going to throw it all into a pot here and call it an AL Stew!

The day after Christmas we cleaned up and organized a section of Old Navy. It had been destroyed and so we did a little bit to make it a bit easier for them.

We also picked up trash at various places another day. Took treats to people. Gave up Daddy time for him to practice and play at a huge service. My baby brother moved here to go to school and so we helped him find a place, hosted him at our house, and helped get him settled.

It’s been a busy, crazy week, but we’ve made do with what we were given and the time we could do it.

Wednesday Dove goes back to work after a long Christmas break and we are going to miss all of this extra time with him. I am so grateful that he has a job he loves and that he works so hard to take care of us. Thank you Husband, you ROK! 😉